X is one of the most powerful robot reploids in the entire Lovecraftian World. When he came to the Crossuniverse, his cyberbrain was heavily modified for some reason and his personality was completely lost. He behaved like a complete sociopath and almost killed Zero, who was his best friend. He can absorb the powers of the ones he defeated and apply them to his buster, therefore, having a very varied arsenal.

Story Edit

Upon arrivng at the Crossuniverse, X was heavily modified for some reason and attempted to murder Zero, but failed and retreated. He was then hired by the Arkham police department and works alongside Magna Centipede to defeat the Dark Community. Because of this, Zero considered X a traitor and joined the Dark Community so he could get revenge on X.

X currently has a peaceful "friendship" with Magna Centipede, which is basically him not wanting to mess with Magna Centipede's life. He is a nomadic robot and wanders the streets of Arkham in search of Dark Community members to capture them. He is well-known for faking attacks just so he can kill those members.

Skills Edit

He is a powerful reploid and is just as powerful as Zero.

Passive Skills Edit

  • Fearless: He doesn't feel fear. This can be quite a problem, sometimes, but helps him in dealing against intimidating enemies that are in fact weak.
  • Now i got you power: His catchphrase, for some reason. He can absorb the powers from his enemies and use them.

Active Skills Edit

  • Ultra X

    Here is the combo.

    Storm Tornado: He shoots a very powerful wind tunnel. Very damaging and can push objects or creatures to far away.
  • Shotgun Ice: Fires an ice bullet that will explode into more ice bullets.
  • Ultra Megaman Combo: He can become Megaman and perform some weird combo. It's his most damaging attack. Good for cleaning rooms. To do it, he summons some robotic dog, a bird and a weird red Met.