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I am Nova the Hedgehog

My name is Nova the hedgehog, I don't come from the world of Mobius, but I live there now after my world was destroyed by being devoured by darkness, but I did manage to kill the ones responsible for causing it. My traitor brother, and a Dark named Shattak. They're gone now, and they took my home with them. I lost everything, home, my friends, and the one I loved. I failed to protect everyone who I guarded, so now, I roam aimlessly, questioning what I should do now... I used my Dimension Jumping ability to leave my home for good. I've searched through worlds to find one of my own to live in and protect. 

After a long time of searching, I found Mobius, a world with many Mobians like myself, I was amazed by what I saw, it was almost like I was home again. I'll never be home again and I through the foolish thought aside, I feel it is best to be left alone. I only bring trouble and bad luck to people. I am Nova the Hedgehog, born from the stars, so another name you can call me is Nova of the Stars.

My Powers

I have light abilities and star powers which means I can use the stars as my powers of create my own energy out of manifested Star dust and use it to create high powered attacks and I can jump through dimensions whenver which also allows me to use teleportation if needed.

I use a sword that has a symbol of power, making this sword very powerful and able to cut through anything. combining it's attacks with my star and light power allows me to make more critical hits and star slash or light slash.

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