My Master Sword Banaki has amazing triforce powers, but if my emotions and willpower or going past my limits, I'll take on one of two forms, a light form, and a chaotic dark form.

WP 20160208 002

Master Sword Bankai hidden power, Light Form Unleashed

Light Form: As long as I live, I won't let harm come to me or the people I'm protecting! As my wings shine bright with a triforce symbol hovering behind me, giving me the additional power to fight, and a sphere of ultimate protection and healing around me, no one or thing shall bring harm! I swear, I won't stop until all my enemies are defeated! I have three balls of light to represent courage, power, and wisdom above my head, my eyes turn golden and my hair turns white. My clothes become a very light shade of grey and the hilt of my sword becomes golden, and I grow wings shaped like the wings wings on the hylian shield. My power increases over 10x, I'm one to be feared, but do not be afraid, you have no reason to fear me.
WP 20160208 006

My eyes shine gold, filled with the light within me!

WP 20160208 004

Master Sword Bankai hidden power! Form of Chaos, AKA Dark Form

Dark Form: I do not care for anyone but myself! If you toy with fate, then fate will get handed to you, No one should try and get in my way or I'll take care of them without hesitation, being in this form is your warning to stay away from me, or fall like the rest who face my wrath, friend and foe alike, with my wings of darkness, my darkness is shown, my black upside down triangle feeds me my power and a black sphere of death that surrounds me destroys all who touch it! I am a monster, and I do not care. By my hand, I swear, all who stand against me will fall before me!
WP 20160208 005

I have no care in the world, if you knew about the monster I am, would you care?

I will bring your worst nightmares, I am your own worst enemy. My hair becomes silver, as my eyes become red and skin turns pale. My tunic become black and red and my wings appear similar to the wings on the hylian shield, but are all tilted downward, making me very powerful when I swoop in from an arial attack. My flames burn with the power of the triforce of courage, wisdom, and power. Fear me, like the rest, and fall, like the rest!

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