Parker Sims51

aka Parker V. Sims/ BlackTwister/ Link

  • I live in Colorado Springs
  • I was born on July 16
  • My occupation is Youtuber, gamer, writer, journalist, researcher, song writer, drawer, 10th grader, maker of a masked rock/rap/metal/techno band, Founder of Shade Productions, I hang out on Shade Productions Wikia
  • I am Male
  • Parker Sims51

    I've been cursed by darkness, it not something I can easily control, I am becoming a monster, if you stay for too long, I will destroy you with my darkness, please don't help me and save yourself, go, before it is too late!

    My eyes are turning purple and my iris turns red, the black on my fur is now white, and my blue into purple. I cannot fight this darkness forever, so forget about me and run, before I unleash this new and dangerous power with you in the crossfire, because once I turn, my emotions will be lost forever and I won't care for what I do next!

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  • Parker Sims51

    Nova Star Phase

    February 18, 2016 by Parker Sims51

    I didn't have this "Super Form" back on my planet, however, I did have a familiar very similar to it called "Star Phase" which changes my fur to a light blue and my pupils turn white. 

    Like Super Form, I can fly and I am indestructible in Star Phase, and like Super Form, I have a limit. Super requires rings, I reqcuire the energy and stardust of stars from space instead of my own manifested stardust and star power, the limit is all stardust and star power nearby, if there is not enough in my radius, then I cannot enter Star Phase. My star attacks become much more powerful while I use this form, much more powerful. I can already move at the speed of light normally but this form makes you unable to even see what I do. I am Nova of the Stars, …

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  • Parker Sims51

    The Blade of Nova

    February 11, 2016 by Parker Sims51

    Nova: All I have left from my home is this sword, nothing else, so I grasp this sword with my tightest grip and I never allow it to leave my side. I carry memories with this sword, memories of who I am, a constant reminder that I'll never lose who I am! Summon the blade out of thin air, more like my pocket dimension, space, it drifts in space and whenever I need it, I use my star power to summon it. The location that this blade rests in is the sun, it cannot melt, and when I summon it, it's temperature and heat burns my enemies upon touch, and while I combine my star powers with it, it's might is increased by levels you could not comprehend. I am Nova the hedgehog, Nova of the Stars. And I'm not going down without a fight!

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  • Parker Sims51

    Nova of the Stars

    February 10, 2016 by Parker Sims51

    My name is Nova the hedgehog, I don't come from the world of Mobius, but I live there now after my world was destroyed by being devoured by darkness, but I did manage to kill the ones responsible for causing it. My traitor brother, and a Dark named Shattak. They're gone now, and they took my home with them. I lost everything, home, my friends, and the one I loved. I failed to protect everyone who I guarded, so now, I roam aimlessly, questioning what I should do now... I used my Dimension Jumping ability to leave my home for good. I've searched through worlds to find one of my own to live in and protect. 

    After a long time of searching, I found Mobius, a world with many Mobians like myself, I was amazed by what I saw, it was almost like I wa…

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  • Parker Sims51

    My Master Sword Banaki has amazing triforce powers, but if my emotions and willpower or going past my limits, I'll take on one of two forms, a light form, and a chaotic dark form.

    Light Form: As long as I live, I won't let harm come to me or the people I'm protecting! As my wings shine bright with a triforce symbol hovering behind me, giving me the additional power to fight, and a sphere of ultimate protection and healing around me, no one or thing shall bring harm! I swear, I won't stop until all my enemies are defeated!

    I have three balls of light to represent courage, power, and wisdom above my head, my eyes turn golden and my hair turns white. My clothes become a very light shade of grey and the hilt of my sword becomes golden, and I gro…

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