This is the timeline of everything that happened in the Crossuniverse.

Key Edit

BTC: Before the Creation (of the Crossuniverse)

ATC: After the Creation (of the Crossuniverse)

The Actual Timeline Edit BTC: The Great Crossover happened and all planets and stars from other universes were drawn to the Crossuniverse BTC: The galaxies there started to merge. BTC:The Crossuniverse started to cool down and the planets were now inhabitable

0 BTC: The Crossuniverse was formed.

1 ATC:

Feb 8: Sanic appeared as the first being there.

Feb 9: MamaLuigi22 appeared as the 2nd member

Mar 15: The Lovecraftian World appears in the Crossuniverse.

May 26: Brutus appears in the Crossuniverse.

June 15: The Three Finns, Yoko Littner and The Three Finns World appears in the Crossuniverse

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