The Three Finns are the group of Finn the Humans from The Three Finns World. The members are Anime Finn, Original Finn, and

The Three Finns team

Serious Finn. Three of them have advantages and disadvantages. They appeared in the Crossuniverse after defeating Dark Anime Finn in a combat, causing a portal to show up and suck the entire 4 into it. After being sucked into it, they appeared in the Lovecraftian World where the Anime Finn reunites with Yoko Littner. Their Homeworld is The Three Finns World.

Advantages and Disadvantages on the members Edit

  • Original Finn appears to have high Charisma, making multiple friends. He is very low on Intelligence, relying on the Anime Finn. He doesn't have a girlfriend, sadly.
  • Anime Finn appears to have high Intelligence and Super Strength, as he was seen ripping a Overpowered PVP player in half with his bare hands. He's terrible at playing the guitar and gets confused alot. He is married to Yoko Littner.
  • Serious Finn appears to have Super Strength like the Anime Finn has which he was shown punching a huge Golem down. He's very low on Charisma as he was rude and arrogant and had few friends. He was forced to fall in love with Serious Fionna, causing the pairings to spread and making him angry about that.

Trivia Edit

  • The Three Finn's ages are revealed, which Serious Finn and Original Finn's age is 16, while Anime Finn's age was 15, making Anime Finn the youngest member of the Three Finns.