Tengu Ivan is a former Tengu soldier (a special unit) who, upon entering the Crossuniverse, was hired by the Dark Community in exchange for some money. He is very agressive and likes to hurt people, so he assigned to train the soldiers and to go on stealth missions, often to sabotage his enemies and cause some carnage.

Equipment and Skills Edit

He is equipped with a one-edged sword (probably a katana) which is made of a special kind of alloy. It makes it super lightweight and increases its cutting power. His other weapon is a FN P90, a special french submachinegun. The weapon is heavily modified to carry more ammo and to be even lighter.

Other than his weapons, Ivan wears a modern battle exoskeleton which raises his physical skills threefold, making him 3x more agile, strong, flexible and athletic. He can jump 2 meters and can pack kicks as strong as a kangaroo. His perception time is much better than the average human and, with enough skill and luck, he can deflect bullets if he is precise enough.