Mario is a fat Italian Plumber who was corrupted by the One Spaghetti (One Spaghetti to rule them all). He became

SMG4 Mario

What he looks like today

corrupted when Mario and Luigi found the One Spaghetti which two of them fight over the spaghetti, causing Mario to strangle Luigi to death. His body shape changes, making him slim. He appeared in the Crossuniverse when he lived in the cave for 400 years, which the cave was sucked into the portal.

Life in the Crossuniverse Edit

When he was living in the cave, he met the member of The Three Finns named the Anime Finn, which he started making riddles to see if Anime Finn fails, then Anime Finn would get eaten by him, if the Anime Finn wins, then he will tell Finn his life story. However, Anime Finn beated him in the riddles, making him tell his past life. Anime Finn later punched him in the crotch in the middle of the story, causing Anime Finn to steal the One Spaghetti from him and leaves the cave. Mario started looking for his precious spaghetti everywhere for eternity.