Magna Centipede

The live legend

Magna Centipede is a powerful robot which came from the Megaman Universe into the Crossuniverse. It was originally a simple Maverick until it broke free of Sigma's control and escaped. It was dragged to the Crossuniverse after suffering an accident in its base and almost losing its life. It current lives in the Lovecraftian World and fights against the Dark Community. It fights using ninja techniques and can easily defeat unprepared fighters.

Story Edit

Magna Centipede was originally a Maverick Hunter, until it was captured by Sigma's forces and converted into a Maverick. After being defeated in combat, it regained its consciousness again was free from Sigma's control, however, it had its base blown up by X. The explosion was so powerful, it created some sort of portal which dragged Magna Centipede into the Crossuniverse.

Confused, Magna Centipede set of in a quest to discover its use in that new universe. It landed in the Lovecraftian World and tried to find something interesting to do there. It got a house in Lovecraftian Country and began working there in the police department of Arkham. It was there that Magna discovered the secret underworld created by the Dark Community, a powerful criminal organization led by Boomer Kuwanger planning to enslave the entire Lovecraftian World using robots. Magna Centipede still fights the organization, in hope of eventually defeating.

Powers Edit

It is a very skilled fighter and can easily defeat one in combat. It has the ability to throw magnetic shuriken and can arc them in whataver way it wants. This is all due to his wonderful ability to create magnetic fields using its own will and can even attract metallic beings into its tail. It also uses its tail as a fifth limb, both for climbing and for attacking. It can also move very fast in a short period of time, giving the effect it is "teleporting". Don't mess with it!