Hercules is a hero of G̶e̶e̶k̶ Greek Mythology from the Disney Dimension. He appeared in the Crossuniverse when he was


Hercules standing in his former glory, wanting to kill Finn the Humans because of jealously

sucked into the portal before going into Olympus to reunite with his family. After appearing in it, he selfishly claims that being good is dumb, and then he planned to steal Anime Finn's girlfriend and kill all the Finn the Humans (Because he is jealous that Finn has more fame), making them enemies with The Three Finns. His hostile relationship with Anime Finn is similar to Brutus' hostile relationship with Popeye.

Powers Edit

There are only powers that aren't important enough.

  • Super Strength: It appears that he is stronger than most of the people, ripping their arms off during arm wrestling.
  • Super Speed: It appears that he can cheat on races, which caused him to challenge Serious Finn in a racing contest, causing it to be a tie.

Trivia Edit

  • He is jealous of Brutus' muscles
  • It appears that he cheated on his lover, only wanting to steal Yoko from the Anime Finn.
  • He will always wear greek sandals.
  • He is marked as Hideous by Anime Finn, which Anime Finn marked him to ruin his reputation.