Felix the Cat upon inspecting a badly-animated computer animation.

Felix the Cat is a sneaky feline who, previously, lived in his own universe, until he was dragged to the Crossuniverse. There, he made his home in the Lovecraftian World and resides there, along with his buddy Roscoe. He is well-known for carrying around a magic bag of tricks which can transform into virtually anything. Despite this, his most useful tool is his tail. He can transform his tail into anything, from a sword to even a screaming flashlight (seriously).

Appearance Edit

Felix is a feline, but stands on two legs like a human. He has big eyes, a big head and black fur. Actually, the fur is so black, he can, sometimes, turn into a strange black fluid to bypass certain situations. He is not very tall.

Personality Edit


"Oh, no! I will have to iron all my clothes! ...only if my magic bag could do the work for me..."

He is mischievous, but has a big heart and is kind. He has some problems in dealing with women and often becomes depressed upon rejection. Some of his rejections got him so low that he was unable to acquire any kind of job. This is why he is often jobless.

He is also lazy towards doing certain chores, such as ironing and cooking. Because of this, he asks his magic bag of tricks "kindly" to do his chores.

Powers Edit


Felix, the trickster.

He has some abnormal features and can, sometimes, even break the laws of physics. He stated that all this craziness happens because he is "a cartoon character", revealing that he is very aware of his non-existant condition. He can use his magic bag of tricks, his tail and a exclamation/question mark which appears on the top of his head to create different stuff. They can even emulate the proprieties of metal. He once transformed his tail into a sword and his magic bag into a rocket, revealing that their proprieties may be more complex than they look.

He is also known to, sometimes, transform into a strange black fluid in order to bypass certain situatons. The fluid can also stick to anything and allows Felix to camouflage himself. He once camouflaged himself on a cow after being chased by a bunch of aliens.

Story Edit


Felix's former owner yelling at another whaler.

After being sent to the Crossuniverse, Felix the Cat begun wandering the cold streets of the Lovecraftian World in search for a job, but eventually gave up and became a beggar. The profession gave him some bucks, since he was a cute kitty. He was eventuall adopted by an asian couple and taken to Japan. The couple taught Felix how to hunt down whales using harpoons. Upon being stopped by Popeye, the couple sent Felix the Cat back to Europe.

Felix the Cat was eventually hired by a cartoon making company and became a super-star. He begun having adventures along with his roommate, Roscoe. Since then, Felix gained a lot of money and became rich.