Hello there reader! I am Deadpool. You probably know of me by now. No? I've got a sweet movie? WHAT THE F**** IS WRONG WITH YOU DO YOU LIVE UNDER A ROCK?! Well, I guess I can tell you about me then. I'm a mercenary and so cash = dead person and I get the cash. Ya understand?

My sick abillities Edit

  • Healing Factor: I have a healing factor that allows me to recover damage. ᶦᵗ ᶜᵃᶰ'ᵗ ʰᵉᵃᶫ ᵗʰᵉ ᵗᶦᵐᵉ ᴵ ˢᵃʷ ᵐʸ ᵍʳᵃᶰᵈᵐᵃ ᶦᶰ ᵃ ᵇᶦᵏᶦᶰᶦ ᵗʰᵒᵘᵍʰ
  • Magic Pouch: I have this pouch that has an INFINITE ammount of guns and katanas and ammo and grenades and mines an... I'm getting carried away here.

Well that's all, now I'm gonna read the reviews of my new movie. Toodles!