The Dark Community is a powerful and influent criminal organization in the Lovecraftian World, mostly active at the Lovecraftian Country. It's main objective is to enslave the entire Lovecraftian World by leading a mass robot revolution. It's leaders are Boomer Kuwanger, Zero, Sigma and Tengu Ivan. It curently has over five million members worldwide, making it a global threat. It's obviously classified as a terrorist organization.

Philosophy Edit

The Dark Community does not, unlike the Mavericks, believe in robotic supremacy, but rather thinks the world is full of corruption and should be "rebooted". It tries to follow a very rational mindset and some members of the organization use this as an pathetic excuse for their own philosophies, such as Sigma, who believes in robot supremacy, and Zero, who wants to get his revenge on X.

Members Edit

The organization is currently composed of four leaders and five million members worldwide. The leaders are currently:

  • Boomer Kuwanger: Chef of everything. Plans the attacks, manages the resources and hires members.
  • Sigma: Funds the organization and provides technology. Also plans the attacks and leads the laboratories.
  • Zero: Goes around hiring people and also leads the attacks.
  • Tengu Ivan: Leads the attacks, trains the soldiers and sabotages enemies.