Clockwork is a trollpasta who once defeats The Three Finns with her Mary-Sue powers (such as dodging the bullets and blades). She appeared in the Crossuniverse for no reason. She later died in her second battle with The Three Finns (which is also her last battle).

Personality Edit

It appears that she is afraid of the Gurren Lagann (The robot from the Anime) because of it's size. She may be sadistic because she killed her entire family and the guards.

Combat Edit

During combat, she is hard to defeat (unless your riding the giant robot) because she may dodge bullets and avoid getting stabbed. What ever she sees the Gurren Lagann, she stops in fear, making the rider of the Gurren Lagann step on her like an example of her second and last battle with the Three Finns which she gets stomped to death by the Finn Lagann (Like the Gurren Lagann with it's head replaced with Finn's head).