Brutus walking in a street on his former dimension. Probably to annoy Popeye and cause him some trouble.

Brutus is a strong sailor that came from the Popeye's dimension. There, he was a bully who always tried to steal Popeye's girlfriend, until he went into the sea for an expedition and got lost. A huge storm emerged and soon Brutus' ship was gone. He then went into a giant whirlpool and somehow woke up in the Crossuniverse. The whirlpool was part of the "Great Crossover" and eventually got bigger and bigger and sucked all Popeye's dimension's characters into the Crossuniverse.

Powers Edit

Although he doesn't have any supernatural power whatsoever, Brutus has superhuman strenght and can easily pick heavy objects up. This is because of his intense training before becoming a sailor. His strenght also grants him superior resistance and endurance.

Current Life Edit

Since his appearance in the Crossuniverse, he began a long quest to discover his purpose on that world, no longer wanting to be the villain. He currently travels the Lovecraftian World seas hunting down pirates. He created the Spearfish Squad to aid him in his quest.


  • He hates shrimps.
  • He once worked on a zoo